Adult Programs

Ladies Groups

Lessons focus on the development of sound technique for the forehand, backhand, volley, smash & serve and correct grip. Lessons include some rally practise and singles or doubles play.

Our main focus with the beginner group is to help students develop their skills so they can play the game as soon as possible. Strategy and tactics are also discussed however the main objective is to get you out playing and having fun. All the groups are a little different, and we adjust the drills to suit each individual.

Junior Club

Held at Bayswater Tennis Club every Fri of Term 1 and 4, 4.30-5.45pm, consists of social play and pennant practise, run by Anthony's staff. $5 visitors, $2 members of the club. Children must be able to have the skills to be able to Serve, Rally and Score. Ideal for the children wanting to get started in real matches.


Competition run by Tennis West on Sunday mornings. Children must be enrolled in a squad lesson and must be a member of the Bayswater Tennis Club.