Tiny Tots Tennis

Our lessons are based on Tennis Australia's exciting modified tennis program, MLC Tennis Hot Shots. We use mini nets, low compression balls, hoops, footwork ladders and cones to promote coordination and fast movement. The use of this equipment will increase your child's ability to control the ball and racquet. The modified equipment will enable children as young as 3 to develop their skills in a fun and safe environment. It also provides a structured and fun-filled lesson promoting tennis and physical activity.

Children can enter the program at any age or level. Students quickly learn and enjoy sooner, the full experience of playing a game of tennis through our game based approach. Classes are divided into age groups suited to each child's physical, emotional and social development. This enables them to develop their skills and excel in a fun and safe environment which encourages a positive attitude to sport and physical activity that will last a lifetime.

Coaching is available at over 40 venues at times to suit you. We run group lessons in eight-week school terms, four times a year and regular holiday clinics for children during the school holidays.


  • To increase each child's self-esteem through educational movement and sporting activities
  • To lay the foundations of skills, concepts and attitudes so that children can confidently and competently move onto more specific skill levels
  • To challenge children to participate in a wide variety of balance, ball, racquet, midline, spatial awareness, and agility skills - to name just a few!!!
  • Programing is based on placing children in non-competitive situations where they are successful, while challenging them to improve in their abilities